Love is Louder

    Love is Louder than..

.. the stress from day to day.
.. the quick & frequent mood changes.
.. the want & urge to self harm.
.. the memories the scars hold.
.. the disappointment.
.. the nightmares.
.. the negativity.
.. the comparisons I make between myself & others.
.. the hurt I allow myself to feel.
.. the thoughts I have that keep me down, allow me to remain unhappy, & urge me to stay stagnant.
.. the depression.
.. the past.
.. who I think I am.
.. the thoughts that I’m not good enough.
.. the opinions of others that cut deeper than they realize.

Love is louder than a lot of things. Love is louder than the doubt, the depression, the sadness that I’ve felt overcome with in the present & the past. Love is louder than the idea that my future may remain negative. There are choices to be made. The future will remain unknown. But I know that love will trump anything. There is a realness in love that cannot be found in negativity, in depression, in harmful words, thoughts, or actions. Love will win. Love has taught me what other things haven’t.
Stress is not an excuse. It will be hard. It will always be something to overcome. It will be something I need to talk about. But love is louder. If nothing else, I have her love. I have love from my family, though they may know nothing about my situation. There is love. There will be love.