Day One

Sometimes, I teeter on the idea of what I’m doing with myself. My goals have been the same goals since I was 12 years old, but often I wonder if they remain the same because I’m determined or because I promised middle-school-me that I would accomplish something.

Determination with a lack of motivation is as close to deadly as a person can get while still breathing. That sounds like it should be a Fall Out Boy song title. Maybe I should begin writing for them.

Day One of Step One: this is another attempt to do something I’ve always wanted. Write. Simply, beautifully, tragically, and terribly. Anything. I need words flowing on paper & at this point, I’m settling for electronic ink.

I’ll turn the title of this blog & these posts into a gorgeous metaphor some day. For now, I just need to get my feet stuck in the mud.

I’m all about the metaphor life, clearly. I’ll work on them.

— C.A.

worst thing


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